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Wheelchair SHAWTY: Awesomely bad rap dance/song

Sometimes when I’m in da’ club I wonder how a parrapallegic might enjoy the dance-floor.  Well, now I know.

Augusta, Ga. natives D-Money n Smoove have recently released the track, “Wheelchair Shawty” to the masses.  If I cand have any thing to do with it this thing is about to go viral.

Wheelchair indeed.


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Get yourself pumped with Sean Stephenson

Sean Stephenson a true lover of life.

This is Sean Stephenson.  He seems to have been posting videos on Youtube for quite some time.  A friend posted this video of him on facebook and it needs to be shared.  You are drawn in by his odd look but the dude is pretty inspirational.  A man truly living live with a youthful bliss.

Sean Stephenson Dance Party

Keep rocking and rolling Sean.

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