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Lookin’ good like we should

I’m actually surprised at how well our final project is turning out. Excellent work between the crew tonight. Beautiful website. Lovely emotional video. Information out the wazoo.

It’s a pretty good feeling. We’re almost done. It’s going to be glorious.


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Project two. Poverty in the Manhattan area.

To be honest I haven’t been very happy with my efforts on this project thus far. My blogging and social media are included in that. Motivation has been difficult as the semester has worn on and I take full responsibility for that. I give a lot of credit to my group members Jason, Lance and Alex (in no particular order) of pushing forwards to allow our project to be of high quality.

That’s not to say that there hasn’t been sporadic instances that I’m proud of. I’m happy with my contributions to the Manhattan Emergency Shelter interview, both the interview itself and the story stemming from it. I’m also happy with what I did at the Hot Meals filming and interviews.

As we head down the final stretch and get things ironed out tomorrow my efforts will only get stronger. That said, I’m still a bit disappointed in what I’ve done here so far. Motivation has really been a struggle for me overall as the semester heads to a close. I have reasons, but don’t want to list them for fear they be seen as excuses. I just know that I’m ready to be done with school in general, and that is in no way a reflection of my colleagues or professors or anyone at K-State. It’s a personal deal.

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