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The Worlds most infamous moustaches

The Butcher

The boys at “The Art of Manliness” have released a list of histories most infamous moustaches.  <—-click here.


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Forgoing Novembeard. Embracing the more charitable Movember.

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I was planning on participating in Novembeard 2010.  Well, that plan took a left turn because after running across the website for MOVEMBER I decided that I couldn’t — in good conscious — knowingly refuse to participate in the Movember movement.

Movember is a month long event designed to bring awareness and monetary contributions to the never-ending fight against men’s health ailments, specifically Testicular and prostate Cancer.  Moes (men w/ moustaches) and Mo Sistas (the women who support them) all over the world will spend the month of November growing out the best staches(the men only) that nature allows them.  As the moustaches grow out they will inevitably promt questions from friends, family, co-workers etc.   It is those questions that provide the Mo with the opportunity to talk about the men’s health issues and to, hopefully, obtain a donation to the cause from people who inquire about his moustache.

Off to work for this Mo.

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It’s nights like these that make me glad I’m back in school.

If you’ve read the “about nicname” section in my bio you know that I am employed as a line-cook.  If you know anything about being a line cook on a Friday night you know where I’m coming from.

Tonight was  especially busy  at my restaurant.  We were constantly trying to get out of the weeds and the sweat was definitely pouring out of every gland available from the time I clocked in to the time I clocked out.  WE made it though and we made the company around $8,000 tonight.  For my efforts I will take home around $50.  Such is the life of the line-cook, especially one who is only two months on the job.

I wouldn’t say that I am a particularly great line-cook either.  I mean, I get by and I give good effort and have a positive attitude but making a career out of it would probably leave me broke and depressed.  For that reason I find myself quite thankful that I am finally back in school and pursuing my dream career of mega-journalist.

During the last five or so years I have worked in kitchens for about four of them, topping out at around 60 hours a week last year while D took maternity leave after giving birth to our son Max.  During that time it became quite clear to me that I would not live a very fulfilling life if I were ton continue on that path.  So I made a point to get enrolled in school as soon as possible.

Tomorrow is an off day, filled with a wedding and college football, then it is back on the grind and thankfully — well at least in monetary terms — I am starting to get scheduled some more hours in the kitchen.

So to all you line-cooks out there “big ups,” you are true warriors that live a tough grind.

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