The final countdown.

It’s coming down to the wire for our MC 580 project. To my left Jason Beets is putting the finishing touches on our thrift-store owners profile, while Alex (on my right) and Achten and I have written the script and voiced the package featuring Ash and Erin, two people from different walks of life who share a common interest in second-hand goods.

The web story is up (I believe), and we’re pretty proud of the work we’ve put in as a group to get this done.

Saturday: I took a camera to T-La-Re and got additional b-roll at Misti’s store.

Sunday: Lance, Jason and I went to Fort Riley to conduct an interview with Ash, also know as Specialist Luther Washington. I locked my keys in my van holding up the interview for about a half hour and costing me $65 in the process.

Later in the afternoon Jason, Alex and I hit up Erin Bishop for an interview at her house. She’s also an active thrifter.

Monday: Jason got some extra b-roll footage at Grand Ol Trunk.

Tuesday: Cutting and editing the final videos.

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