I’m a horrible blogger.

If you couldn’t tell by perusing the sporadic and random posts that make up the majority of this mostly dormant blog, it’s author has a terrible time with the routine of actually writing words in it. It’s not that I can’t write, or don’t want to, I’m simply too goddamned scatterbrained to regularly update the damn thing. I actually love to write. I keep a hand-written journal — again, mostly dormant — and even attempted to track my fishing exploits for awhile in a fishing journal. All that is outside of my work as a sports reporter, and hobby as an avid message board poster and tweeter.

But enough about me, our project is coming along swimmingly. Alex Achten, Jason Beets, Lance Leonard and myself have made some great progress and are now in the process of editing our audio and video. It took awhile to get the ball rolling, but after narrowing down our topic at the pleading of Sam Mwangi, and a few of our classmates, to an in-depth look at thrifting and second-hand stores in the local area.

Such a unique business model — models, really — has proven to become an interesting and thought-provoking topic. We’ve mostly been working with the owners of two stores. T-La-Re, and the Grand ol’ Trunk have both provided us with a lot of insight, as well as video interviews and some much appreciated candor.

With the deadline fast approaching, I personally am trying to lock down another interview with a woman that I know will give us an interesting take on the perspective of one who frequents these businesses and why she’s drawn to them.

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