Forgoing Novembeard. Embracing the more charitable Movember.

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I was planning on participating in Novembeard 2010.  Well, that plan took a left turn because after running across the website for MOVEMBER I decided that I couldn’t — in good conscious — knowingly refuse to participate in the Movember movement.

Movember is a month long event designed to bring awareness and monetary contributions to the never-ending fight against men’s health ailments, specifically Testicular and prostate Cancer.  Moes (men w/ moustaches) and Mo Sistas (the women who support them) all over the world will spend the month of November growing out the best staches(the men only) that nature allows them.  As the moustaches grow out they will inevitably promt questions from friends, family, co-workers etc.   It is those questions that provide the Mo with the opportunity to talk about the men’s health issues and to, hopefully, obtain a donation to the cause from people who inquire about his moustache.

Off to work for this Mo.


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