Novembeard, No-shave November: Celebrate facial hair in all it’s rugged, manly glory.


Joaquin Phoenix sports a beard and makes creepy faces

Yes, October is coming to a close and that means one thing.  It means is time to start growing out the facial-hair and become a wooly man-beast.

Both variations of the month-long celebration of grizzled manliness have facebook groups —–> Novembeard & No-Shave November , so you can compare your rugged face-mane to other non-shavers around cyberspace.  There is also a Novembeard twitter, which I will be checking diligently as the bearding process goes along.

Though the rules say that you are supposed to start the month of November with a clean shave and then go from there.  I break this rule because my face-pelt grows in lightly colored and isn’t very thick, and I want my beard to be epic so I cheat.  I also plan on letting it grow until Christmas, maybe I can get a job as a mall Santa.

Me passed out after a long shift of kids pissing on my lap.

If you want to compare your beard to mine you can send them to the email (that I haven’t chosen yet), and I might put your greasy, bearded mug up on the net for all the world to see.

So it is almost November and it is time to grow out your beard and be a real man.  If you still have any objections please take to heart the top ten reasons why you should grow some glorious chin-fur.

See the rest of the reasons at

Check back in on November 1, 2010 for an update on my Novembeard progress.  Below is picture of me with no beard, as you can see there is no where to go but up.

Me with no facial-hair, looking like your regular non beard-having schmuck.


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